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Veronica Maddy - ADA

I provide valuable information to website owners regarding ADA compliance!

All websites should be accessible to ALL online users, regardless of disability. According to the ADA, not all websites are required to be in compliance, so I advise you check their website for further information. If your website is required to be ADA-compliant, and is not, it’s possible you can get sued.

There are individuals and law firms that look for websites that lack the ADA-compliance that is required, and file a case against them in court. Below are a few of those cases. I do not represent a law firm nor the ADA; I’m simply a web designer with knowledge on this topic. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your website, or if there’s a case against you so I can add it to the list of cases below.

Be aware and protect your site!

To contact me, please send an email or fill out the form below. Visit the social channels below for additional ADA-related information.

Veronica Maddy

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